Welcome into my weird little home on the web! to be honest, you must've wandered pretty far to get here, but i aint gonna complain. This place is my little haven away from the anxiety ridden life that comes with being a teenager in the 22's, and also a place to flaunt my interests and express myself! Feel free to explore, and enjoy!!


  • 11//05//24-- little bits, changed some sizes of stuff
  • 10//05//24-- added a chatbox!
  • 7//05//24-- changed song, renovated featured art
  • 28//04//24-- added some featured art, and a probably broken guestbook!
  • 20//04//24-- added a bunch of bumper stickers!
  • 6//04//24-- added site button!! and other little bits
  • 03//03//24-- changed song of the now, finished the graphics page!!
  • 26//01//24-- WOOO i have a changelog now!
  • 23//01//24-- Website is made!


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